úterý 25. listopadu 2014

Sneak Peek

I'm happy to announce works on Sneak Peek of next version of the technology preview.

The previous technology is a bit older (actually the core is 4 years old), several applications ran ontop of it since then, but sadly no games in the end. The version went away with this demonstration showing off its features.

The previous version had several major mistakes - bad scalability for multi-core machines, very old implementation of UI (and thus we didn't have any solid editor(s)), and so on...

The next version brings several major improvements, we have fully re-worked the engine to be better and I will at least name few important new features:
  • Core has been fully re-written, now supporting multi-core machines, balancing work between cores
  • Rendering engine was improved with support for Area lights, Physically based shading, and many new interesting features
  • Physics engine still uses ODE; and now it fully support Rope and Cloth dynamics.
  • Sound engine uses Alure library and supports 3D sound
  • User Interface was build from scratch and we now have a working UI and editor in early alpha stage
  • AI now supports Nav-Mesh path finding.
  • Scripting engine was build from scratch, it is full-featured language with C syntax
We are still working on the code though, there are parts that need minor refactorization until they become better to work with. That is why we are working on sneak peek, to get ourselves familiar with the technology we created from production side. The things are now being finished and polished, our estimated date is Dec 2014 for Sneak Peek.

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