čtvrtek 2. ledna 2014

RPG project goodies

Finally terrain into the project got polished to final state. Currently it is for Chapter I. From the developer's side, it's important to note, that Chapter I. feels more like introduction to our world, where the story takes place.

First, some terrain shots:
Chapter I. world, inside editor
Another view of Chapter I. world

It's important to note, that these images shows just topology, the world is yet to be populated with buildings, ruins, and of course animals.

In following weeks and months, I most likely add a post or two with video showing how the tech looks so far.

středa 4. prosince 2013

Software rendering

Some time ago, in 2012, I thought about implementing software renderer. The project wasn't focused on speed or parallelism, but more like on proof-of-concept, to check and learn how it really works.

In the end I ended up with the code, that is SIMD vectorized (e.g. works similarly to actual GPU rendering), works entirely on CPU, was written in C language, and isn't as slow as I thought it would be.

Sample screenshot from software renderer.
The project has quite large feature set - it supports render targets (basically even back-buffer is actually a render target), it supports textures and it supports its own shading language.

Now the shading language was the biggest problem in the project, because I didn't really want to implement virtual machine for this one. So if you want to know more, grab the code, test and read through.

As for the links - source and binary.

Both are linux only, binary is only for amd64 (you can always compile the source).

If you would like to use the source in any way, please ask first through mail.

New Game

After some time I've decided to revive my own blog. A lot has changed since the time I last wrote, and because of that I have a lot more things to write about.

Let's start with something good, I've decided to progressively publish some live update on projects, where I can publish some live update, and also as the name of the blog says, post about games.